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            Sambos  de Corazon USA Inc., Sambos USA Inc.

          Is a nonprofit organization, that was founded with the mission in mind, to keep families,and help children, teens and young adults.

          We believe that all teens and children should have the opportunity to reach their full potential and contribute to society .

          the organization within our surroundings provides an outlet designed to promote cultural enrichment, educational achievement and family coherence, while preventing negative behavior through the dance of Caporales.

         Our goal is to offer a safe environment to grow and learn choreographic dance activities, while building caring young adults as role models. This is a truly an opportunity for families to come together.

          Sambos engage in the dance know as Saya- Caporal, the music and the dance is from African-Bolivia community of  La Paz-Bolivia.

         This dance is known throughout much of the world, and now throughout North America.

         The Dance shows rapid steps, agile maneuvers and sensual moves.

         Sambos dance with respect, elegance inspiration and passion.

         We are humbled and proud in regards to our dance.

   Sambos de Corazon USA INC.


S a m b o s    U. S. A.    I n c.